Oh. My. Godly Woman: Change

For our Backpacking Trip to Europe, @BrianBosen and I decided to bring our acoustic travel guitars (the ones we don’t care about as much). For anyone who has backpacked before, you know that the name of the game is always how LITE and COMPACT can you pack all of your stuff. So, the guitars were an interesting choice. We debated over the pros and cons of traveling with guitars, but ended up choosing to carry them around with us. The thought process went as follows:

“Man, carrying guitars everywhere is gonna be really annoying. Though, we’re musicians.. we’re probably going to wish that we had them to play. Then again, they’re probably going to just get in the way or get stolen. But take such a surreal experience like Europe and not have a way to channel it would be a shame.. Man, carrying guitars everywhere is gonna be really annoying.”

And it was really annoying. And we did it anyway. And a part of me really hoped that we would busk on the streets of every European city and people would stop and listen and cheer and be amazed and throw money and our entire trip would be paaaaaaid for!!!! Haha, I was so wrong. I’ll explain it all in another post called, “Why I’m Bad at Busking.” But what did happen is exactly what happens with musicians.. a chance to process, connect, and create. So with the help of my talented friend, I finally finished a song I had been working on called, “Godly Woman.” The lyrics and song are below:

Oh, My Godly Woman always taking a stand.
Keep on preachin your words of wisdom and reaching out with open hands.
Oh, My Godly Woman, what are you doing here with me?
Keep on singing sweet sounds of saving, but please don’t waste your prayers on me.

Oh, I’ve been trying to be a Better Man so when you stray from the path, I can catch you.
I hope you’ll understand:

I’m not a Godly Man, but I’m doin the Best that I can.
I’ve never Saved a Soul with Rock n Roll, but that don’t stop me from singing.

Oh my Godly Woman, where have you been?
I keep on falling in Love with that Woman. When will you be her again?

Oh, I was trying to be a better Man, so when you’d stray from the path I could catch you.
I had hoped you’d understand:

I’m not a Godly Man, but I’m doin the Best that I can.
I’ve never Saved a Soul with Rock n Roll, but that don’t stop me from singing.

Oh, I’m singing like it’ll Save My Soul. Oh Lord, this is All I know..
Oh, I’m singing like it’ll Save My Soul. Oh Lord, this is All I know..

I’m not a Godly Man, but I’m doin the Best that I can.
I’ve never Saved a Soul with Rock n Roll, but that don’t stop me from singing.

I feel like the song is pretty self-explanatory and I’m curious to what came up for all of you, so please feel free to comment or message me your thoughts! My thought process around when I was finishing the song was all about Change and how People Change.

People change. It’s not necessarily good or bad, it just is. Various Life experiences can change the way a person will make decisions in the future. A particular conversation can change the way a person communicates about that topic. A break-up can change the way a person manages emotion in a relationship. An eye-opening experience like travel, new job, or any other significant moment, can drastically affect how a person views each situation. With all of these factors, people are constantly being externally approached with the potential to change (or not change). And each one of us is an external factor in someone(s) else’s Life.

Whether we mean to or not, we affect and Change the People around us.

We are powerful forces of impact for those we come in contact with. The sad truth is sometimes we change people in ways that don’t appeal to us. Maybe there is an aspect of us that acts like a polarized magnet and pushes another person in a different direction. (When someone is harshly confronting me and I care about the relationship, my first reaction is to remain very calm and quiet, which appears as shutting down.. in previous relationships, that caused her to oppositely get more fired up and more easily agitated anytime I was quiet.. Woo. Go me.) Maybe there is an aspect of us that is desirable but a person only focuses on a small part of that idea. (I had a horrible roommate who was kind of a dick and he gathered from me to be more confident.. and so he just became a more aggressive, confident dick. Woo. Go me.) At the end of the day, it is each person’s choice how and when they want to change. It’s not up to us, even if we feel that it is our “fault” that someone has changed. We cannot control other people.

People change. What matters is less about the change, and more about how we react to that change.

We can only control ourselves. People change. We change. Situations change. Relationships change. And we can spend all of our time and energy trying to control the changes in people around us.. or even try to change people to be what we think is best, but in the end, each person has a choice about how and when they want to change. I can only control myself.

That’s why I’m singing like it’ll Save my Soul.. because this is all I Know.

and it really is. If you’ve read anything else I’ve written, I am continually learning and reflecting and trying to change for the better.. And so far, Living and working with Music helps my brain sort it all out. In many areas of my Life, even Music, I notice how I have Control Freak tendencies.. and I see now how that has shown up in many of my relationships, as well. Like letting a new song (“Godly Woman”) come to Life, I’m learning to accept the changes in others and let it be. My hope is everyone is making changes for the better. And I’d love to believe that I am a positive impact in those around me. But I can only be Me.

I’ve never saved a soul with Rock n Roll, but that don’t stop me from singing..

Some people make Changes.
Let’s make Improvements.

Keep singing, Friends.


Our “Job” is to be Happy.. #doyourjob

The Sun doesn’t stop doing what it does just because there are clouds out..

Shine bright, Friends.

Though I don’t entirely agree that our only job is to be happy, there definitely is a lot to be said about the amount of time we spend doing things that don’t make us happy. Sometimes it’s at work, in relationships, even just in our daily lives. The first step of happiness is your attitude behind the actions, but once you have the right mindset, the second step is to keep doing whatever it is you’re doing to move forward. We are often distracted by external factors like friends and phones, that we forget who we are and what we’re working toward. What drives you as a person? What makes you shine? Once we find what makes us shine.. we’ve gotta keep glowing and growing toward the bigger picture, despite what gets in our way and prevents us from seeing the end result.

We are blessed in our best, and it’s up to us to accept this gift and share it with the world.

For me, I’m still learning and doubting and believing and reconsidering and following the same mental cycle that we all go through about Life and our daily routines.. I think my self-thoughts are best summed up in this song:

“Daylight Savings”