Fly Away Around the World with Craig Suede – BTS

It’s 9:12pm on a Monday. I just got back from the grocery store and now at my Seattle apartment right across the Fremont bridge.

This is significant because I haven’t bought groceries in a long time.
This is significant because 3 weeks in Seattle is the longest I’ve been in one place in over a year.
This is significant because I thought I would have more figured out by now.
But, I suppose that’s Life.

IMG_8456_2(this is actually view from Fremont Bridge of Aurora Bridge.. but you get the point!)

How have your travels been?”
Good. Err, is that the answer you’re looking for? Travel has been uhmmm… fun? I’ve got to see a lot of really cool stuff and go through some cool experiences.. And yea??

I’m glad that I finally took the time to sit down and go through the footage I’ve been shooting over the past year or so of Travel. SO MUCH footage of scenery and churches and temples and so on.. but the footage that felt most compelling was the footage of people. Like an inside joke, the majority of that footage is only moving to me, but I like that I have it. However, I needed to put footage together in a way that is digestible for non-traveling persons. This proves difficult, because describing Travel to someone who hasn’t traveled is like describing being in Love to someone who’s never been in Love. It’s just one of those things that you have to experience to fully understand. So, in turn, my little travel video feels more like a compilation of selfies, “cheers”ing glasses, and hanging out of windows. It’s definitely a highlight reel of excitement and landmarks, appealing to that sense of adventure that many feel they’re missing in Life. I’ve gotta be honest.. this is a video that covers more tourism than traveling, but I’m proud of my experiences and happy to finally have an answer for: “How have your travels been?

This video is two part:
A chance to finally share some of the little happenings from travel.
A chance to share my other passion of Music, in a fun way.

“Fly Away” is the fifth track off of Highways and Cityscapes by Happy Heartbreak. I think that it’s the most San Diego-sounding song that I’ve ever written. It’s bouncy and funky and happy.. I originally wrote it as an anthem for fun and excitement and had hoped that it could be used for licensing in TV and film. Musically, it’s one of the more difficult songs on the CD to play with the funny changes, key of Bflat, and unusual chord choices for a pop song, but I think it still maintains that simple, beachy vibe. The hook “I like to sing like no one is listening, and I like to drink like no one is counting.” is one of my favorite hooks I’ve ever written. Simple. To the point. It encompasses my San Diego experience and my fond memories of living there.

The video covers clips from a number of places I visited. Most frequently shown is Philippines (probably my favorite trip). A lot is from backpacking northern Europe with my buddy Bosen like Ireland, London, Belgium, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen. The rest are clips from Hong Kong, Singapore, Kenya, Japan, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Vancouver, and a bunch from Thailand.

I actually did a couple drafts of this video. My original I sent to a handful of friends and then made a bunch of changes based on their suggestions. The first time around, the video made it look like all I did was drink and meet girls when I travel the World. This was due to me trying to choose people oriented shots and not just myself. The feedback was to feature myself more, so that it was more of a video about MY travels. The other major difference is putting the tags on the bottom right of where most of the places were.. most people who saw the first draft really wanted to know where each was. I left them out intentionally because I was afraid that it would be distracting of the footage/music and take away from the holistic World travel and focus too much on individual places. Either way, I decided to make the changes to get the version you just watched. My own personal change was a move away from a music video and just to a travel video. Originally, I wanted it to just be the Happy Heartbreak – Fly Away music video, with a bunch of random shots around the World that lean toward that “Fly Away” vibe.. with the edits, I decided to be more personal and focus more specifically on my own travel. With that said,

This is not what Travel looks like.
I’d be lying if I said it was.. though the beach and drinking and mountaintops and landmarks are all a wonderful, smart part of travel, this video entirely ignores what makes travel so beautiful: the struggle. facing yourself. being lost. finding yourself. overcoming challenges. realizing how much more you can do on your own. being lonely. being alone. meeting new people. being the minority. not knowing the language. bonding over common experience. feeling small in the World. realizing the World is so big. and then realizing the World is so small. and that we’re all interconnected.

IMG_7655(..I have so many selfies because I’m by myself so much.. with two bags)

There’s so much more.. but, I want to make sure it’s clear that this video does NOT begin to encompass the reality and wonder of Travel. This is a lot more like being a Tourist. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s definitely a different experience.

On a final note, I want to make sure that it’s clear that this video (though it definitely looks this way) is not about You going out and traveling the World. Me traveling the World is a result of me knowing that this adventure is something that I needed and chose to do. Each person has their own adventure and their own choices to make. This video, hopefully, inspires and empowers others to make those choices for themselves. If that means travel the World, then go Fly Away! If that means finding a new job or working hard at your current job, or ending those unhealthy relationships or nurturing the relationships that build you up, or spending more time on a Passion, or finding ways that you can feel more fulfilled and productive.. then, GO FLY AWAY!

Whatever “Flying Away” is to You, Go do it.
I’m excited to be back creating and sharing..

Leave comments to remind me to post more about my adventures, my music, my experiences, and my learnings. I’m trying my best to stay self-motivated, but nothing motivates me more than knowing that YOU are gaining something between all of these run-on sentences.

On to the next Adventure, Friends.


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