A Quick Update from Singapore/Malaysia:

Hello, Friends!

I have been the worst at keeping everyone up to date.. (Trust me, my Mother knows this more than anyone!) As a quick update, since exploring Seattle, I played gigs in San Francisco, flew to Shanghai to see China for the first time and visit a good friend of mine. Then, I flew with her and a friend to go to Disneyland in Hong Kong and spent 3days venturing out into Hong Kong on my own. After that, I’ve been running an education camp in Singapore and about to start one in Malaysia after a few days of vacationing in Kuala Lumpur. Throughout this time, a number of conversations have come up that reference back to one of my original and most popular blog posts.. so, I thought it’d repost it here until I find the time to post up some new writing I’ve been revising. Some of the new posts I’m working on (and posting soon) are:

So, You Wanna Go to London? (for the So, You Wanna Go to Europe collection)
A Letter to the Girl of My Dreams
That Peter Pan Life
Ex Girlfriends and High School Sports
and a little rant about Millennials..

Until then, please go back and check out:

The Challenge with Break-ups in a Hyper Connected World

I’m finding some full circle revelations in re-reading this post recently. It had been awhile, and I gotta say.. I was kind of embarrassed at the transparency in my faults/shortcomings with my previous relationships. I can happily say that I’m feeling single and confident after a long time of feeling unsure and finding myself again. With that said, I am also the most confidently uncertain of my near Future than I’ve ever been.. and THAT, is also very exciting. I’m stoked to share some of my new learnings with you soon. And of course, I have a bunch of video editing to still go through from Europe, Cliff jumping in San Diego, and soon to be Krabi, Thailand for Christmas. So so so much happening in this crazy, fortunate Life of Mine. Thank you for sharing it with me!!


See you soon, Friends!


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